Frequently Asked Questions

The key benefits of using the PRIME Beamshaper include highest system efficiency possible (>98%), dramatic increase in beam uniformity, high power handling (>20kW CW), high laser damage threshold (>100J/cm2), no focal plane shift, good through-focus performance, and insensitivity to input beam properties.

The target applications for the PRIME Beamshaper include materials processing such as high power regime switch (thin-thick) laser cutting, laser peening and slow cool annealing, welding, brazing and cladding, metal polishing, and pump beam homogenization.

The PRIME Beamshaper is a laser instrument that uses a unique freeform direct-write process to fabricate a highly non-uniform surface in fused silica to create highly arbitrary intensity distributions specific to an application.

Yes, the PRIME Beamshaper specifications can be customized including the divergence angle, intensity and spatial distributions, edge steepness, and shape.

The divergence angle range of the PRIME Beamshaper can range from fractions of a degree up to 10 degrees (FWHM) and is customizable.

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