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Frequently Asked Questions

The Windows-based executables give users control of all of the mirrors’ various modes of operation, including point-to-point (quasi-static) beam steering, line-by-line uniform velocity rastering, vector graphics at various refresh rates, bitmap image laser displaying or laser marking, one-axis-resonating, and Lissajous patterns.

The main executable of the Mirrorcle Software Suite is "MirrorcleDraw," which provides a graphical user interface with all of the above-mentioned modes and options.

The Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS Software Suite is a software suite that enables users to perform MEMS mirror device driving from proof of concept in new application development to products. It also serves as an educational tool for MEMS students and professionals.

The software development capabilities of the suite support extensive C++, Matlab, Labview, and Android Java API for prototype and product development.

The Mirrorcle Software Suite 10.6 includes MirrorcleDraw, MirrorcleLinearRaster, Software Development Kit for C++, Software Development Kit for Matlab, Software Development Kit for LabVIEW, and Mirrorcle Android Suite 10.6, provided as part of the Android Development Kit.

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