Frequently Asked Questions

RicoCNC's founder, Salce Smith, has been in the CNC industry for over 9 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in CNC.

SCM offers a wide range of machines to satisfy all the stages in secondary woodworking processing, ranging from domestic, office and contract furniture to the world of structural architecture, such as beams and partitions, as well as finishing, such as joinery, floors, stairs and onto specialized sectors, like chairs and eyewear.

RicoCNC offers a range of spare parts for SCM woodworking machinery, including CNC tooling systems, woodworking vacuum suction pods, edge banding machine parts, and a range of CNC router bits and tooling systems.

SCM Group's machinery and industrial equipment are used across different sectors including construction, furniture, automotive, ship-building, aerospace, and plastic processing industries.

SCM Group's major production centers are located in Italy and boast a record annual production output of over 20,000 machines.

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