Frequently Asked Questions

The M-LINK is compatible with all types of detectors, including thermopiles, pyroelectrics, and photo detectors, for both power and energy measurements.

The M-LINK has a unique digital technique for suppressing noise, which extends the measurement range all the way down to the fJ level.

Yes, the M-LINK has an external trigger that allows it to be synchronized with a pulsed laser or digital chopper.

The M-LINK is connected to a computer using a USB2.0 connection.

The LabView software includes complete instrument controls (range, trigger, wavelength, etc.), live display in J and J/cm2 or W and W/cm2, full statistics (min, max, mean, standard deviation, RMS stability, repetition rate, etc.), graphic displays (strip chart, histogram, tuning needle, and more), and data file collection and analysis.

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