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Frequently Asked Questions

The ELWIMAT-AKF Digi 2000 is a compact, electronic autocollimator with high-precision optics, an integrated camera, and powerful LED illumination.

The features include novel, diffraction-limited adjustment of focus, minimization of random and systematic errors, error-free evaluation of angle measurement, pixel-accurate evaluation with Camera Manager, and subpixel evaluation with Software ELWISOFT.

The autocollimator is suitable for angle measurement of optical and mechanical assemblies, adjustment of opto-mechanical components, centering measurement on lenses, aspheres, and cylinders, radius measurement at short and long radii, angular deviation on prisms, wedge measurement of optical components, and measurement of radii/wedge angle on cylindrical lenses.

Yes, the autocollimator can be integrated into existing components at the customer via JSON protocol.

For applications on anti-reflective surfaces, the wavelength can be selected between 405 and 1050 nm.

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