Frequently Asked Questions

The Q-smart 850 laser can be used for applications such as LiDAR, LIBS, material processing, ablation, pulsed laser deposition, photoacoustic imaging, dye, OPO, and Ti:Sa pumping, and spectroscopy.

The main features of the Q-smart 850 laser include up to 850 mJ energy output at 1064 nm, robust and field-proven technology, ceramic reflectors for durability, a 100 million shot flashlamp lifetime warranty, plug and play harmonics modules, intuitive touch screen interface, and universal voltage compatibility.

Yes, the Q-smart 850 laser is designed to be user-friendly with its intuitive touch screen interface and easy plug and play harmonics modules.

Yes, the Q-smart 850 laser can be vertically integrated into industrial environments due to its small footprint, minimal volume, and Ethernet control capabilities.

The Q-smart 850 laser comes with a 2-year warranty.

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