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Frequently Asked Questions

The LASERDYNE 795 is used by aerospace, turbine engine, and contract manufacturing companies that require flexibility of motion and tight tolerances when laser processing.

The LASERDYNE 795 is a 5-axis laser machining system designed for drilling, welding, and cutting medium to large 3D parts with a unique moving beam motion system.

The LASERDYNE 795 is the first and only standard built multi-axis laser system to guarantee volumetric accuracy. It offers X, Y, and Z accuracy of ± 0.0004 inch (0.01 mm) per 20 inches of travel and ± 0.0008 inch full travel, and BeamDirector accuracy of ± 6 arcseconds.

The LASERDYNE 795 can handle parts of virtually unlimited size and is designed to accept a wide variety of industrial lasers for 2D and 3D drilling, welding, and cutting.

Prima Power Laserdyne offers access to the latest laser processing technology as it is developed through a multi-faceted program that includes a technical journal, the LASERDYNE Interface, and ongoing access to the Prima Power Laserdyne applications engineering staff and equipment within the Prima Power Laserdyne technology center.

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