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Frequently Asked Questions

The LASERDYNE 430 BeamDirector offers advanced 3D beam delivery, a full 5-axis motion, and process consistency through exclusive software and hardware features. It also provides unmatched flexibility for welding, drilling, and cutting intricate parts.

The LASERDYNE S94P laser process controller includes features such as automatic focus control, surface mapping, real-time process parameter monitoring and storage, SPC data acquisition, and SmartTechniques.

The LASERDYNE 430 is suitable for use in aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics, industrial, and consumer products industries.

The LASERDYNE 430 BeamDirector has an accuracy and repeatability of 12.5 μm (0.0005 inch) bi-directional ±6 or ±15 arcseconds for the X, Y, and Z axes.

The LASERDYNE 430 workstation is a laser processing machine designed for precision cutting, welding, and drilling applications for both metal and non-metal materials.

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