FAQs By Premium Tier Vendors

Q1: When I search my newly posted products using keyword search, they do not show up in the results, but postings from other vendors do show up, why?

A1: Once new products get listed, our internal search engine starts ranking the pages of those new listings. It takes a few weeks until they get ranked, after which, they appear in the keyword search results.


Q2: Why don’t I see my products on the front banner?

A2: The selection of the sponsored products happens from a pool of listings from premium vendors on random basis. This means there will be times when your products appear on the banner, and times when products from other premium vendors are shown. Please note that the “Enhanced” tier subscribers get 2x the exposure of that of the “Best Value” tier subscribers.


Q3: Why don’t I see my products as “Sponsored” in the top two positions, as advertised, but I see products from other vendors in those positions?

A3: The selection of the sponsored products happens from a pool of listings from premium vendors. The selection happens on a random basis. This means there will be rounds when your products appear on both top two positions, sometimes on one only, and at other times at none.


Q4: SEO friendly product pages: what is it exactly that is added to make the product pages more SEO friendly than other pages? Do we get control over the Title tag for example?

A4: The product posting, delegated to FindLight, is done by our team of content managers, who ensure that the title and the body are optimized for search keywords. Additionally, our web platform is optimized so that it automatically generates a user friendly URL structure and a title tag.


Q5: Who is responsible for providing the creatives for the banner ads?

A5: Vendors are welcome to provide high-resolution images and text for the banners. Alternatively, FindLight team will be generating those from your product postings.


Q6: Are the backlinks under the product titles “do-follow”?

A6. Backlinks under the product titles are do-follow links to either your home page or to your FindLight microsite, if the latter is activated.


Q7: What is a Blog Exposure? Are those articles written by your team and published on your blog?

A7: These are original write-ups created by our Creative Writers and edited and approved by the editorial staff. The articles give a sponsorship status to a premium vendor with a do-follow backlink to their microsite, website or products. Please read more about the blogging exposure here.


Q8: What can I do to increase the number of leads we receive through FindLight?

A8: There are a number of things that can be done to improve visibility and lead activity. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Post more products. The more products are posted, the higher the probability to receive leads.
  2. Keep the products fresh. FindLight refreshes select number of products for “Best Value” and “Enhanced” tier subscribers. We recommend that vendors periodically refresh the content, images and datasheets to ensure most up to date information is visible.
  3. Share your postings on social media. FindLight already provides periodic exposure on social media. Vendors are encouraged to share their product posting pages using the social media buttons under the product titles.
  4. Reshare, like and engage with FindLight’s social media shares of your products. Follow our channels to stay up to date:
    1. https://twitter.com/FindLightInc
    2. https://www.facebook.com/findlight.net/
    3. https://www.linkedin.com/company/findlight-inc-


Q9: At which rate is the analytic dashboard updated?

A9: The analytics dashboard is updated once a week.


Q10: What is a FindLight Microsite?

A10: We have a detailed explanation of this feature here