What Is A FindLight Microsite

The “microsite” feature on the FindLight marketplace enables you to have your own store front that is customizable and which features only your products. It allows you to display your logo, aggregate all your product listings, and add your locations and phone numbers. Along with a generous "Company Profile" space, it makes your brand stand out from the other vendors on the marketplace. The key here is that the microsite is all your own. No product links from other companies are displayed.

How does a Microsite Work?

Once activated by FindLight administrators, a FindLight microsite allows you to upload your company logo, a concise tag-line and information describing your company values and key competencies.

Your posted products will automatically be aggregated in their respective categories, so that if you have products in multiple categories they will be displayed on different pages. That way an interested buyer will be able to browse all your offerings neatly organized next to each other. Moreover, interested buyers can directly request quotes without even visiting the product pages.

When a FindLight user finds one of your products through the built-in search engine, they can access your microsite by clicking on your company name associated with the product. Setting up this microsite page is an easy way to make your solutions accessible to potential buyers.

The Key Benefits of Having a FindLight Microsite

Personal Branding: Prominently display your logo, ad copy, product pictures and more. Buyers in photonics and optics look for reliability above all else. Once they find a brand they trust and value, they are likely to buy accessories, compliments and other solutions from the same brand. Creating a microsite for your ecommerce products provides a central location for users to access your brand, evaluate your products and make a purchase. You can add your address and contact info as well, to further endear yourself to customers.

Product Visibility: Accumulate your products in one space, so that users can search for products exclusively from your portfolio. This makes it easier for users to access your full product line through FindLight. You can tune your microsite to be accessible to even more audiences. This increases the likelihood of cross-selling your products and producing repeat customers. Once a user is familiarized with your product catalogue, it makes it much easier for them to find products. This experience guides users to a quick and easy purchasing decision through your microsite.

Product Searchability: A microsite can be a great way to boost your searchability on the FindLight site, and on search engines like Google. Your company name and product descriptions will likely generate more quality traffic, producing more users bouncing to the other products on your microsite. The more keywords you use, the easier your site is to find on a search engine. Combined with your personal branding, searchability will help your company make a lasting impression on the viewers that reach your microsite.

Quick Recap

The FindLight microsite is a useful tool that can be leveraged to produce search visibility, personal branding and product exposure all with the intent of generating sales leads.

Use similar writing style, logos and product images associated with your company and related websites. This makes a seamless experience for the user. Describe your items extensively and include words that your users may search for. Lastly, make sure your products are placed together and categorized correctly. Following these steps will ensure a seamless experience for FindLight’s many users while building trust in your brand and driving sales.

A microsite on FindLight is a simple, but a powerful way to increase your search ranking on Google, driving more traffic to your products and website. Do you already have a microsite? If not request one by sending us a quick note here: https://www.findlight.net/contact-us