Frequently Asked Questions

The main features of the Bright Entangled Photon Sources include high counts/coincidences rate, excellent stability, rugged design, controllable accidental photons rate, built-in noise-suppression filters, room-temperature operation, high heralding efficiency, and customizable options.

These photon sources are suitable for applications in quantum satellite communication, quantum computing, quantum key distribution, quantum LIDAR, high-dimensional quantum information processing, and frequency and polarization super-dense teleportation for space applications.

These photon sources operate at room temperature and utilize a built-in pump laser diode for alignment-free stand-alone operation or integration. They also feature a rotatable half-wave plate (HWP) for adjusting the number of photon pairs generated.

Yes, these photon sources have a built-in attenuator for controlling accidental photons and noise floor, allowing for precise control over the generated photon pairs.

Yes, these photon sources offer customizable options for polarization-entangled and correlated photon pairs, broad-band or narrow-band spectrum, and free-space or fiber pigtailed outputs.

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