Affordable E-Beam
Cooke Vacuum Products
This is our most popular mid-size system, since the III-V and photonic device community operates at smaller wafer and batch sizes than current Si development demands, making a clean pumped, manual-loading simple system exceptionally suitable for both R&D and production. Chambers 18-22\" diameter x 24-30 high usual, larger on ...
  • Energy Range: 0 - 0 eV
  • Max Beam Current: - uA
  • Min Beam Size: - um
Data Sheet
NEK-150-SC Electron Source
Staib Instruments Inc
This electron source provides a high beam current at low beam energies as needed for dissociation, ionization, excitation, and charge neutralization. This model has scanning capability. 
  • Energy Range: 1 - 100 eV
  • Max Beam Current: 100 uA
  • Min Beam Size: 2000 um
Data Sheet