Frequently Asked Questions

StablePillar Pedestals provide a fixed height, high stability mounting surface that is ideal for mirror mounts and other optical component mounts.

StablePillar Pedestals have a one piece design with an integral flanged base and 25 mm diameter body, making them less sensitive to vibrations than conventional half-inch posts.

StablePillar Pedestals are available in a range of fixed heights that correspond to the most common optical axis heights. The heights range from 12.5 mm (0.5 inch) to 150.0 mm (6.0 inches).

Yes, StablePillar Pedestals can be clamped in place anywhere on an optical table using any of Ealing’s four types of StablePillar Clamps.

Yes, StablePillar Pedestals can be increased in length or height using StablePillar Extenders, which can be combined with various carriers to construct three dimensional structures.

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