Frequently Asked Questions

The kit includes a laser tube, power supply unit, aluminum breadboard, laser mount and mounting post assemblies, as well as a set of high quality HeNe laser cavity mirrors for 633 nm.

The possible emission lines include 730.5 nm, 640.1 nm, 635.2 nm, 632.8 nm, 629.3 nm, 611.8 nm, 604.6 nm in the visible range and 3391.3 nm, 1523.1 nm, 1206.6 nm, 1198.5 nm, 1176.7 nm, 1161.4 nm, 1152.3 nm, 1140.9 nm, 1084.4 nm, 1079.8 nm in the infrared range.

Yes, the kit is ideal for laboratory use or classroom demonstrations.

The operating voltage is 1800V +/-100V and the operating current is 6.5 mA.

Yes, the kit comes with a manual that provides step by step instructions on assembly.

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