Frequently Asked Questions

The DCM mirror pairs can be used for the compensation of positive dispersion affecting femtosecond laser pulses and can be used in a pulse compressor in combination with CaF2 wedges pair/glass material to compress the pulses nearly to the supported transform limit according to the lasers spectral bandwidth.

The use of high damage-threshold DCM mirrors results in a compact and robust design for ultra-short pulse laser oscillators or compressor setups with octave-spanning spectral bandwidth.

The unique design of the DCM mirror pairs enables reflectivity greater than 99% over the whole supported spectral bandwidth next to a defined negative dispersion.

The DCM10 GVD mirror pair can achieve a reflectivity greater than 99.5% over the whole supported spectral bandwidth.

The DCM10 GVD mirror pair has a broadband wavelength range of 500-850nm.

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