Frequently Asked Questions

The +K-DM Family of deformable mirrors are high spatial-resolution wavefront correctors for next generation applications in astronomy and laser communications.

MEMS deformable mirrors have large arrays that create high resolution wavefront correction, advanced microstructures that allow minimal influence between adjacent actuators for high spatial frequency surfaces, and an optimized design that enables rapid wavefront shaping for high speed applications.

The driver specifications for the +K-DM Family of deformable mirrors include a DIO interface with SFP fiber link (2.5 Gbps), 14 bit step resolution, and a frame rate of 20 kHz. The dimensions are 5.25” x 19’ x 14’ (3U Chassis).

The 2K-DM deformable mirror has a continuous or segmented surface, 2048 actuators, 50 actuators across the aperture, an active aperture of 20mm, and 1.5μm or 3.5μm stroke available. The approximate mechanical response time (10%-90%) is less than 75μs and the approximate interactuator coupling (±5%) is 15%.

The 4K-DM deformable mirror has a continuous surface, 4092 actuators, 64 actuators across the aperture, an active aperture of 25mm, a 3.5μm stroke, an approximate mechanical response time (10%-90%) of less than 100 μs, and an approximate interactuator coupling (±5%) of 13%.

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