Frequently Asked Questions

The XploRA PLUS Raman Microscope is a powerful and reliable system that is ideally suited for research and analytical labs.

The XploRA PLUS Raman Microscope incorporates unique and powerful functions such as SWIFT Fast Raman imaging, multiple laser wavelengths, EMCCD detection, Raman polarisation, and Raman-AFM combination.

SWIFT Fast Raman imaging is a unique function of the XploRA PLUS Raman Microscope that provides the fastest fully confocal Raman images available, typically 10x faster than conventional Raman imaging.

The XploRA PLUS Raman Microscope is suitable for cell research and Raman microscopy.

The XploRA PLUS Raman Microscope offers full confocality for complete image detail, improved detection and sensitivity, maximum detail, resolution, and range for enhanced spectroscopy, and ultimate optical stability for robust, reliable, long-term operation.

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