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Frequently Asked Questions

The C-WAVE is suitable for applications such as atomic physics, quantum optics, metrology, spectroscopy, biophotonics, photochemistry, holography, and interferometry.

Depending on the required output power level, the C-WAVE can be pumped by an external single-frequency laser or comes with an integrated laser, making operation and application even easier for you.

The C-WAVE is a fully-automated tunable laser light source for continuous-wave emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range based on optical parametric oscillation technology.

The C-WAVE offers an output power of > 200 mW for VIS or > 400 mW for NIR.

The C-WAVE allows for building tunable continuous-wave laser light sources from the near UV to the infrared. The bright windows in the spectral coverage chart indicate the full standard tuning range of C-WAVE.

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