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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Visible-NIR Tunable Spectral Fiber Illuminator can achieve reproducible results with the active feedback control feature enabled. The calibrated embedded spectroradiometer can be used to measure and correct for any spectral discrepancies.

The spectral flux from the source is monitored with an embedded spectroradiometer. The system includes a stable quartz tungsten halogen reference source used to recalibrated the spectral flux responsivity of the spectroradiometer at the discretion of the user. This ensures continuous accurate spectral monitoring of the performance of the systems.

The Visible-NIR Tunable Spectral Fiber Illuminator is suitable for machine vision illumination, endoscope source, hyperspectral imaging source, and materials research.

The features of the Visible-NIR Tunable Spectral Fiber Illuminator include 32 channels in the Visible and NIR for resolution and accuracy, user spectral optimization to quickly simulate any spectrum, built-in spectral fidelity metric A’ and color performance matching metrics of any simulated spectra, built-in spectrometer monitor and feedback loop to ensure accurate spectral output and correction for every wavelength channel, built-in user spectral flux reference for user recalibration, extended use life with built in user recharacterization and calibration features, DC constant current drivers and thermal control for continuous stable performance, liquid light guide illumination, and exceptional uniform spectral irradiance.

The Visible-NIR Tunable Spectral Fiber Illuminator is a compact and robust instrument designed for high performance requirements in sensor and materials research, development and production testing and illumination.

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