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Since 1980, we have been the leading service firm in the field of Photonics. We offer the following full range of consulting services: ResearchApplication & IntegrationSafety Engineering & Loss PreventionExpert Witness & AnalysisTraining & LecturingAdministration & Support and contract engineering ...
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Alta Vision System Services
Alta Vision Systems LLC
We use state of the art technology and vision systems from Cognex Vision to design and integrate the right system for any job. Whether it be simple presence sensing, metrology, or a complete visual analysis of parts or assemblies, our expert team of integrators work with the client to fulfill the direct needs of the system at hand.
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Laser Safety Consultants
Welcome to Bioptica. If you work with lasers, whether as a user of laser equipment or as a manufacturer of laser products, Bioptica can help you to understand laser safety issues and to comply with the relevant laser safety requirements. We provide high-quality laser safety training courses covering all areas of laser use, ...
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Contract Manufacturing Consultants
Contract Manufacturing Consultants Inc
We advise management of leading electronic products companies on matters involving the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry. Major service areas are outsourcing / insourcing feasibility, factory audit-based recommendations for most suitable EMS provider sites, RFQ process management, pricing and contract negotiation, and ...
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Merger And Acquisition Advisory Services
Ceres Technology Advisors Inc
Photonics technology businesses face market and technological uncertainty in complex ecosystems. Engage CERES’ broad network and strategic insight on the sell side to realize maximum value. Great companies are scarce. There is an abundance of investment capital. M & A sales processes are competitive. Partner with CERES on ...
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Endeavour Laser Technologies
Endeavour Laser Technologies Inc
Endeavour Laser Technologies provides cost-effective consulting  services to manufacturers and users  of laser and photonics technology that  result in highly innovative, practical  solutions for difficult laser engineering problems, on time and on budget.
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Display Device Consultants LLC
Our Office and Laboratory are located at our facility. The  Laboratory evaluates displays & instrument Clusters. We have housings to evaluate arc lamps and other Light sources.
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Datasights Consulting And Design
Datasights Ltd
We have people with 25, 30 and even 40 plus years of experience in the optical business and we like to think that we have learned a trick or two over the years. We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas, however radical and have helped many companies overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Using our knowledge ...
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Network Consultancy
FTI Communication Systems Ltd
FTI has over 35 years experience of networks for safety critical applications and provides Consultancy for: -SpecificationDesignEquipment choiceImplementationSystem IntegrationTest & CommissionVerificationOptimisationPerformance MonitoringNetwork AuditTDM (Non-IP) to IP Networks and optimisation of IPare specialities.FTI is ...
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FNE Consulting Services
Fiber Network Engineering Co Inc
FNE performs consulting services to telecommunications, data communications and CATV industry. Our clients are component manufacturers,  system manufacturers, Service providers and the investment community.
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Hori Consulting
Hori Consulting
Hori Consulting for Vision Marketing/Engineering  and Smart Sensors. 
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Laser Welding Technology Engineering
HDE Technologies Inc
The main objective of the HDE Laser Welding Technology Engineering Manual is to explain the behavior of materials during laser welding and how the quality of the laser beam, beam delivery optics, tooling, weld geometry and shielding gases affect it. The Algorithms supplied with the Manual will assist you computing the weld schedules ...
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Consulting And Services
JCMwave GmbH
JCMwave provides software consulting, development, support, maintenance, and training services to our customers. We offer product related quality IT services and hardware support to our clients be it on-site or off-site. We support the integration of JCMwave’s software into existing hardware and software platforms. We ...
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Consulting Services
James Carter Optical Consulting
Consultation services are rendered on either an hourly or a contract basis. Services provided by the hour are considered as time and material efforts and can be arranged by Purchase Order agreements. Contract services are task and milestone based. In order to enter into a contract agreement, we require the set of tasks and the ...
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