Frequently Asked Questions

Using high damage-threshold DCM mirrors results in a compact and robust design for ultra-short pulse laser oscillators or compressor setups with octave-spanning spectral bandwidth. This can be achieved with a minimum of optical components and without complex and often narrow-band and inefficient prism or grating sequences.

The protected silver mirror is enhanced for femtosecond applications and tested for sub-5fs. The datasheet also includes information on CaF2 and fused silica glass wedge pairs and a 50:50 ratio beam splitter.

The pair of wedge mounting adapters is designed to accept up to 4mm thick glass wedges that provide fine control of the pulse compression set up in combination with the DCM mirror range.

Yes, the other mounting adapter features a M2 grid to allow a direct mounting onto standard compact translation stages that can be ordered optionally.

One of the adapters can be directly screwed onto M4 threaded pedestal posts.

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