Table Rails
Data Optics
Table rails are low profile optical benches designed to give optical tables and surface plates the outstanding features of the Data Optics system: rack and pinion control of each mount for remote positioning, and precise alignment. Data Optics table rails are made from 1\" (25.4 mm) thick aluminum tooling plate that has been hard ...
  • Rail Mount Shape: Circular, Rectangular
  • Rail Length: 1000 mm
  • Rail Material: Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum
Data Sheet
Ealing TriRails™ are available in lightweight, low cost Aluminum extruded from a hard aluminum alloy. They are based on the widely used triangular bench profile originally offered by Ealing Electro-Optics. These lightweight Aluminum rails are ideal for educational and general laboratory applications. They are supplied with a ...
  • Rail Mount Shape: Triangular
  • Rail Length: 2000 mm
  • Rail Material: Aluminum
Data Sheet