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Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller
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Voltage (VAC): 48 V
Max Output Voltage: 12-48V
Max Output Power: 1100 W
Stability: 96.5 %
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1 hp~100 hp solar pump inverter is the most important part of ATO solar powered water pump system with a three phase AC water pump. ATO solar pump inverter get solar power from solar pv panels, and then convert DC solar power to AC power and supply to 3-phase water pump. ATO solar pump inverters have optional rated output power from ...


Type Of Inverter: Grid Tie Inverter, Off Grid Tie Inverter, Hybrid Inverter
Product Dimension: 189.5*167*120mm
Input Voltage: DC 260~350V/DC 450~750V
Output Voltage: 3-phase 0~rated input voltage
Rated Input Current: 5.4A
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Type Of Inverter: Not Specified
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Solar panels aren’t the only components that need to be considered in a solar energy system. Inverters are considered the “brains” of many solar energy systems, as they are responsible for converting the electricity created by solar panels into a form that can be used in appliances, lighting, etc. The basic function of a solar inverter, also known as a PV inverter, is to invert a direct current (DC) input into an alternating current (AC) output. The AC can then be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by local, off-grid electrical networks.