Battery Forecast (discharge time, capacity, etc),CAN and RS485 Communication Interface, Modbus Protocol,Seamless transfer between on and off grid via build intransfer switch,Build-in transformer for grid isolation.
  • Type Of Inverter: Hybrid Inverter
  • Max. PV Power: 165kwp 
  • Max. Voltage Of The PV Production: 1000VDC 
  • Voltage Range(Grid-connected& Off-grid): 360V-440V 
  • Rated Voltage(Grid-connected& Off-grid): 400V 
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Growatt SPF3000/5000 series is perfect for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption applications.
  • Type Of Inverter: Off Grid Tie Inverter
  • Max. AC Charge Current: 60A 
  • Rated Input Voltage: 230vac 
  • Max. Solar Charge Current: 70A 
  • Max. Input Power: 3500W 
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Maximum efficiency of 97.6% and wide input voltage range,Internal DC switch, transformerless GT topology,Compact design,Ethernet/RF technology/Wi-Fi,Sound control,Easy installation
  • Type Of Inverter: Grid Tie Inverter
  • AC Connection : Single phase 
  • MPP Work Voltage Range/ Nominal Voltage: 70V-450V/ 180V 
  • Max. Output Current: 4.7A 
  • PV Voltage Range : 70v-450v 
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Did You know?

Solar panels aren’t the only components that need to be considered in a solar energy system. Inverters are considered the “brains” of many solar energy systems, as they are responsible for converting the electricity created by solar panels into a form that can be used in appliances, lighting, etc. The basic function of a solar inverter, also known as a PV inverter, is to invert a direct current (DC) input into an alternating current (AC) output. The AC can then be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by local, off-grid electrical networks.