Motorized Gripper X-GLP040B-E03
Zaber Technologies - Vancouver, BC
Zaber\'s X-GLP-E Series are computer-controlled electric grippers with motor-mounted encoders. They are stand-alone units requiring only a standard 24 V power supply. The motor encoder allows for closed-loop operation, detecting when the fingers have gripped an object and providing feedback about the object\'s size. An indexed knob ...
  • Control Mode: Motorized
  • Microstep Size (default Resolution): 0.248046874 um
  • Built-in Controller: Yes
  • Repeatability: <4 um
  • Backlash: <40 um
  • ...
Data Sheet

Did You know?

Grippers are used in motion control systems where object grip and position control are required along with object size measurement. Electric grippers are especially useful in robotic applications, such as in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, industrial robots, laboratories, and more. Various types of electric grippers differ based on specifications like payload, speed, weight, and environment. The design of the gripper also varies, as the number of jaws on the device, gripping strengths, strokes, and other characteristics, are specific to the application.