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Frequently Asked Questions

The Pioneer 120 Advanced PLD System is used for preparing high quality epitaxial films, multi-layer heterostructures and superlattices of a variety of materials.

The primary difference between the two systems is the substrate heating stage. Pioneer 120 uses a conductive heating stage while Pioneer 120 Advanced PLD system uses a radiative heating stage.

The heater in the Pioneer 120 Advanced PLD System is Oxygen compatible up to 1 atmosphere (760 Torr) of Oxygen, which is valuable for preparing epitaxial oxide films that require deposition, post deposition annealing, and cool-down in Oxygen pressures approaching 1 atmosphere.

The Pioneer 120 Advanced PLD System has a closed loop pressure control that provides precise process pressure control using mass flow controllers.

The Pioneer 120 Advanced PLD System is controlled by system software (Windows 7, LabView 2013) that controls the substrate heater, target carousel, process pressure, system pumps and laser triggering.

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