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Frequently Asked Questions

The 3390 MCP/RAE SENSOR HEAD is used for charged-particles and energetic photons detection, including electrons, positrons, ions, energetic neutrals, EUV and soft x-rays.

The FWHM spatial resolution (position blur or point-spread distribution for the reported position of a statistically large number of events) is the result of event-to-event position jitter caused by slight variations in the computed spatial position of successively imaged events.

The standard resolution versions achieve 100 resolution elements (1/100 of active dimension) across each axis. High-resolution versions achieve 400 resolution elements (1/400 of active dimension).

Better than 10-6 are typically required for operation of these detectors.

The MCP/RAE detector heads are fabricated using precision alumina ceramic and gold-plated stainless steel for maximum UHV compatibility vacuum pressures.

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