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LaserSafe PC software provides laser safety calculation, analysis, and classification to IEC EN60825, US CDRH 21CFR1040.10/.11, and ANSI Z136 standards and regulations.
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Atomic Force Microscopy
Advanced Surface Microscopy Inc
The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is being used to solve processing and materials problems in a wide range of technologies affecting the electronics, telecommunications, biomedical, chemical, automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. The materials under investigation include thin and thick film coatings, ceramics, composites, ...
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Reliability Testing Services
Electron Test Equipment
Electron Test Equipment provides product reliability testing services to ensure your semiconductor and optoelectronic devices meet reliability, quality assurance, and compliance standards. We offer full-service solutions for component and electronic assemblies used in industries such as telecom, medical, defense, automotive, and ...
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Eagle PLC Repair Services
Eagle PLC
Eagle PLC can ship you a replacement part the same day, and you are allowed 40 days to mail your defective part to us for credit. This allows for minimal downtime - Eagle PLC will get you back up and running fast with big savings!
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FTI Communication Systems Ltd
FTI supports the maintenance of Fibre Cable Networks and Equipment.The company has its own Fibre Test Equipment (OTDRs)and Fusion Splicers to provide rapid trouble shooting and repair support, where required.4 hour response, 365 day Contract support and planned/routine pre-emptive maintenance is available.The high reliability of ...
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FNE Testing Services
Fiber Network Engineering Co Inc
Component, Sub-System and System level Testing:FNE has a wide range of experience in the testing of optical transmission links and the components and sub systems for both analog and digital applications.Test Platform Development:We can utilize our systems engineering and system integration knowledge to develop custom  automated ...
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Optical Gaging Services
Gage-Line Technology Inc
With the great variety of new gaging equipment on the market, an easy and practical approach is sometimes overlooked. Many are discovering that inspection with the use of an Optical Comparator, a custom Chart­Gage and a Staging Fixture or a Tracer is economical and requires little experience. This approach has provided a simple ...
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Lasermet Inc
Lasermet is the UK’s leading test house for testing to the following standards:BS/EN 60825-1 / IEC 60825-1*BS/EN 60825-2 / IEC 60825-2BS/EN 60825-12 / IEC 60825-12*BS/EN 60601-2-22 / IEC 60601-2-22*21 CFR 1040.10BS/EN 60825-1:2014, 2007, 2001 (off-site)and is the only test house with UKAS accreditation for laser testing to BS EN IEC ...
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Laser Beam Products Ltd
Reworking of used optics is very cost effective; many of our customers have saved thousands of pounds, as well as contributing towards their environmental responsibilities. We have a management system dedicated to the efcient repair and refurbishment of used mirrors.
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Knowing the life expectancy of devices and systems is key to every manufacturing success. At MuAnalysis, we conduct environmental and electrical stress testing under strictly controlled conditions. Our goal is to activate certain failure mechanisms, which allows us to identify factors that may influence the reliability and life ...
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MuAnalysis is well known in the field of analytics for exceptional skill in the detection of impurities, contamination and identification of material structures. Many of our longstanding clients-other laboratories among them-value the advanced techniques we\'ve developed and the extensive range of equipment we deploy to look deeper ...
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Contract Measurement
Michigan Metrology LLC
During product/process development a large number of components (100’s-1000’s) must be measured for surface finish/wear characteristics. Michigan Metrology provides contract measurement services to quickly and accurately measure surface texture on a few or components, or thousands. Our automation capabilities allow us to ...
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Testing and Environmental Services
Manasota Optics Inc
Manasota Optics can provide testing and environmental services with charts or reflectivity curves with very quick turnarounds in the following areas: UV, Visible, and Near IR Spectrophometer readings using our PerkinElmer Lambda 950 with the URA Attachment. Coating wavelengths range from 200nm to 3.3 Microns.Stress Relieve using our ...
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Industrial CT Scanning Services
Nel PreTech
Nel Pretech Corporation is pleased to announce that it now has a new computed tomography (CT) machine called the METROTOM 800, allowing it to offer industrial CT scanning services to its clients. This new acquisition makes the company the first A2LA-accredited lab to offer industrial CT services in the U.S. Created by Carl Zeiss ...
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Port City Instruments Services
Port City Instruments
Our primary expertise lies in the area of high resolution spectroscopy and gas sensing using tunable single-frequency lasers, including the design and build of components and systems. We can also assist with the following on a consulting or contract basis:- Spectrum simulations to identify the optimum wavelength(s) for detection of a ...
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Testing And Measurement
POG Praezisionsoptik Gera
POG utilizes a variety of measuring and testing devices for confirming specifications of optical components.  
Oneida Research Services Inc
In our world of shrinking devices ORS Inc. has created the test equipment needed to verify these low volume packages.  The HR-IVA® Analyzer was built specifically for testing cavity gases in very small volume packages. This new technology provides tremendous sensitivity to package volumes < 0.01cc compared to standard ...
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Oneida Research Services Inc
Oneida Research Services, Inc. (ORS) specializes in Internal Vapor Analysis (IVA®) services to quantitatively measure the primary and trace gases inside hermetic components. The gas content inside sealed components, particularly moisture concentration, can cause long term reliability problems such as corrosion, fogging, leakage, ...
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Oneida Research Services Inc
Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is an analytical method that combines the separative features of gas-chromatography with the identification capabilities of mass spectrometry to identify unknown organics in a sample. It is a natural complement to standard IVA®testing. GC/MS testing allows for comprehensive testing of ...
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Photon Gear Inc
High performance optical testing is required to ensure the performance of the system. Our custom interferometry services test at wavelengths that range from UV to mid-IR wavelengths in a stable, low noise environment for the most accurate data available.
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