Laser Micromachining: A Torch Light To The Microscopic World


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How practical do you think it would be to apply this to nanotechnology and the use of robotic devices for medical research? I’m pretty much asking is it possible that we could make nanobots with this technology?

In the sense of macro-robots that we see in our current state of technology we are probably still a few decades away, but having nanoparticles that could have micro functions similar to how a macro-robot would function is already within the realms of possibility.

I like what you said about manipulating microscopic structures with laser micromachining. I can see how this technology can prove to be useful in the future. My friend wants to learn more about it, so I’ll suggest he find a company that specializes in micromachining.

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Thomas Jameson

It’s good to know that micromachining lasers help in the process of building microelectronics like circuit boards. My brother has been looking into starting up with micromachining, and he wants to know what industries rely on it. I’ll pass this information along to him so that he knows that electronics are often made with micromachining.