In Ovo Spectroscopy for Chicken Egg Sex Determination


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Probably the only way to solve the problem of killing MALE chicks is to INFLUENCE AND CHANGE THE EGG SEX in Embryo.
We are doing it and working hard to arrive at 80-100%.

Do you have reference to that work, might be interesting to add that here…

Michelle Conley

Hi . I am very concerned about so many male chicks being culled in Australia. Is this technology already being used in Australia? If not when would it be a standard process in Australia. It is very cruel to see them killed this way and have no use for them. Looking forward to your reply.
Michelle Conley

Valid point. Not sure if this is already in practice in Australia. There is some research on that in Germany looks like…

Michelle Conley

In Germany there are some farmers that are keeping the roosters from being killed and farming them. They can roam outside or in. Roosters have just as much meat as hens and should be farmed the same way as the hens, which would save a lot of money by not employing chicken sexers, making that career obsolete. Hens and Roosters should be processed at least 4 months of age. I find today’s hens don’t have enough meat on them at a measly age of 6 weeks when the poor hens are being slaughtered.

J Travers

Have commercial Fourier egg desexing machines in other words male and female egg dividers been been developed and marketed yet by any business around the world?