Photodynamic Therapy: Laser Treatment of Cancerous and Precancerous Skin Conditions


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Photodynamic therapy is looking good for spots removal.

These treatments employ the energy of light to treat cancerous or precancerous skin conditions through the process of photodynamic therapy. Photodynamic therapy treatments offer eligible patients a minimally-invasive, laser-mediated alternative to surgical removal of affected tissue. Efficacy is high for small superficial tumors and precancerous lesions, and there are no long-term side effects. Today, photodynamic therapy is still gaining acceptance in contemporary treatment methods. Rapid advancements in solid state laser technology, however, could play a key role in development.

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Medicine for treating skin diseases with concentrated light radiation. This lead to over a century of research into the behavior of light in skin tissue. Today, studies focus on optimal PDT treatment for oncological purposes. Advances in the equipment for light delivery are the most crucial element of PDT development.