Bladeless LASIK: A Laser Technology That Helps You See Clearer


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[…] Although laser ablation fulfills marking also through selective removal of materials, it differs from laser engraving in that the laser breaks chemical bonds immediately and therefore transforms the molecules into a cluster of plasma. As the process is usually carried out by pulses (e.g. from an excimer laser) whose duration is shorter than heat diffusion, collateral damage to surrounding materials can be significantly avoided, and the marks arise as a result of the contrast between the substrate and the ablated regions. The technique may be used on homogeneous materials as well as the layered substrates, and one typical application is the femtosecond laser aided cornea surgery. […]

Surprisingly advanced technology!

Paul Silverman

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Lasik Surgery

This is the advanced technology, You taught the audience step by step.

Paul Silverman

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Ashley May

Grateful for the detailed insight into Bladeless LASIK, shedding light on its advantages in terms of safety, predictability, and therapeutic outcomes.