Laser Manufacturing of Microfluidic Devices


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That’s cool to see that it took far less time to manufacture microfluidic devices using micro-machining than when using tradition methods. This would be good for businesses that need to get their products out quickly since they could produce more in less time. It would be good for a business to find a service that can do this process and hire them to make their products since they’ll know how to work the machine to make the process even faster.

I agree Hazel, as this becomes more and more mainstream – the speed of production will become a central focus in manufacturing environment. I see that your company is in the business too. Please feel free to sign up as a supplier on our marketplace website and promote your products/services:

Soham Khanna

Microfluidics is a branch of science that deals with the manipulation and controlling of micro fluids. Micro fluids are fluids which range from something as small as tens to even something even smaller as hundreds of millimeters in length. The microfluidics devices used in this technique are made of glass, silicon or polymer.
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