Light: An overview of various characteristics of electromagnetic waves


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m. john xavier

I thinkthink, in the lights photon, the photon is the negative wave crest of cosmic oceanic free electron’s quantised chain of llnier beads manifested by the bodies surface vibrations’ impact. As such, the photon is the grouped bundle of electro’s only in multiple polarity.
Being so,the electron scattering of metals must be from the bursting of the photons of electron bolus only at certain threshold. Because, you see, ironically,the kinetic energy of the emitted electron varies totally connected with the frequencies of the incident light’s photons only, not at all with metal metals surface vibration.
It is not that children’s game to remove the electron from an atomic bond.It will amount to the nuclear fission. It is easier to write or claim,but not that easier to make it to occur.
Hence, This only must be.1)The photon is the grouped wave crest free electrons.2)What we observe as electron emissions is from incident photons onlly,not from the metal.3)The photon is the wave particle of oceanic cosmetic free electron as it’s medium.(of light wave)
Thank you ,
M.John Xavier