Zolix: Empowering Precision Optics with Innovative Instruments, Intellectual Properties, and Expert Solutions for Opto-Electronic Fields.
Zolix Instruments
Lian Dong U Valley 68B, No.16 Huanke Middle Rd
Tongzhou District, Beijing, China
Phone: 010-56370168

Zolix Instruments CO.,LTD

Zolix is a prominent Chinese supplier of precision optical instruments and products, specializing in precision mechanical motion and control technologies. Established in 1999, Zolix is dedicated to providing instruments and system solutions to opto-electronic research fields and industries. Their extensive product lineup covers motorized and manually operated stages, optical mounts, holders, tables, spectrographs, monochromators, Raman systems, fluorescence systems, and solar energy-related measurement systems.

With a focus on continuous development and technological innovation, Zolix holds multiple intellectual properties. Their research-driven approach results in new products with competitive capabilities, meeting diverse application needs. Zolix's culture emphasizes collaborative growth among employees, customers, and partners. Their code of conduct serves as a foundation for management, while company-wide activities foster a sense of community.

Zolix offers a range of products such as Fluorescence Spectrometers, Modular Raman Spectrometers, Solar Cell Systems, Spectrographs, and more, catering to various applications including Material Sciences, Bio & Medical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Information Technologies. Committed to service excellence, Zolix provides online support and service promises.

Located in Beijing, Zolix is driven by a vision of innovation and customer satisfaction, serving universities, colleges, and industrial companies.