Pioneering Precision: Photonchina - Your Source for High-Quality Optics, Crystals, and Innovative Subassemblies Worldwide.
Building 62, Jinshan Industrial Park
Fuzhou, China
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Discover Photonchina, a leader in high precision optics, crystal components, and subassemblies. With over 15 years of experience, our passionate engineer team specializes in manufacturing crystals, glass, and assemblies for a diverse range of applications, including instrumentation, surveying, medical, laser technology, and fiber communications.

Our product portfolio includes a wide variety of optical solutions, from Waveplates, Micro Lenses, and Prisms to Crystal Polarizers and more. Photonchina has earned the trust of global customers through dedicated human resources and a rigorous quality management system.

We maintain stringent quality control throughout production, utilizing sophisticated instruments such as interferometers and spectrophotometers. Photonchina adheres to ISO14001 and 9001 standards, ensuring excellence from the initial cut to the final product.

Our Quartz Waveplate range offers exceptional accuracy, including true zero order and multiple order options. Crystal Polarizers, made from premium materials like BBO, YVO4, and Calcite, demonstrate excellent optical coating performance.

Explore our extensive lens offerings, from Spherical to Cylindrical and Acylindrical lenses, produced with precision and care. Our Prism capabilities encompass various types, including Roof, Right Angle, and Penta prisms, all subject to rigorous inspection for quality.

Contact us today to experience the Photonchina difference. Let our decades of experience and commitment to quality enhance your optical and crystal component needs. Join us in shaping a brighter future with cutting-edge photonics solutions.