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Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
3/F, Building 322, No. 953 Jianchuan Road, Minhang
Shanghai 200240, China
Phone: +86-21-61270268

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Connet Laser Technology markets itself as follows:

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2007, which specializes in the development and production of laser sources optical fiber amplifiers and related products.

Since its establishment Connet Laser is dedicated to providing cutting-edge products and services in the fields of industrial lasers, LiDAR, optical fiber sensors and optical fiber communications. With many years of development, Connet Laser has formed 3 series of products led by laser source, fiber laser and optical fiber amplifier, including laser sources at different wavelengths, high-power optical fiber amplifiers, and CW or Pulsed fiber lasers. We also provide the innovative solutions for high-performance fiber lasers in the fields of research and development, test and measurement, spectral analysis, LiDAR, optical fiber sensors, and more.