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OptoSigma Corp
3210 S Croddy Way,
Santa Ana, CA 92704 United States
Phone: +1-949-851-5881
OptoSigma Corp
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OptoSigma Corp

OptoSigma, part of the Sigma Koki Group, offers an extensive range of optical components and solutions worldwide. Established in 1977, SigmaKoki has been a pioneer in the photonics component industry, providing cutting-edge products for various applications such as display, nanotechnology, biotechnology, medical care, communication, and quantum technology.

Committed to delivering value and innovation, OptoSigma focuses on contributing to society through optical industries. With headquarters in Japan and subsidiaries in North America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and the UK, OptoSigma ensures global support for its customers' projects.

OptoSigma's product portfolio includes optics, optomechanics, motion control systems, optical tables, lasers, microscopy equipment, and laser safety products. The company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in its vast selection of standard products and its ability to provide custom solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements.

From single optical elements to complex optical systems, OptoSigma's team is equipped to support diverse projects with high-quality products and responsive customer service.

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