Iridian Spectral Technologies: Pioneering Optical Filter Solutions for Global Innovation in Telecommunications, Spectroscopy, and Aerospace Excellence.
Iridian Spectral Technologies
2700 Swansea Crescent
Ottawa, ON K1G, 6R8, Canada
Phone: +1-613-741-4513
Iridian Spectral Technologies
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Iridian Spectral Technologies

Iridian Spectral Technologies, established in 1998, is a global leader in customized optical filter solutions, catering to diverse industries worldwide. Specializing in high-performance optical filters, Iridian serves applications ranging from telecommunications, data centers, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy to mid IR applications like gas sensors, astronomy, and aerospace.

The company boasts advanced thin-film design deposition and manufacturing technology, ensuring durable and high-performance filter optics. With a commitment to customer success, Iridian supports the entire product life cycle, offering expertise from initial prototyping to high-volume manufacturing.

In recent news, Iridian has been recognized for its groundbreaking wafer-scale bonding development, anticipating the acquisition by IDEX Corporation. The company continues its innovative trajectory, evident in the launch of a Japanese language website to better serve its Japanese clientele.

Iridian's participation in events like SPIE 2024 – Photonics West reflects its dedication to staying at the forefront of optical filter technology. Committed to customer satisfaction, Iridian envisions long-lasting partnerships, delivering cost-effective optical solutions globally.

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