Revolutionizing AR and 3D Displays. Holochip: Your Partner for Advanced Augmented Reality Solutions and Open Standards Development.
Holochip Corp
4030 Spencer St. Suite 102
Torrance, CA 90503 USA
Phone: +1-424-255-8002
Holochip Corp
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Holochip Corp

Holochip Corporation is a prominent name in augmented reality (AR) and holographic display technology, offering a wide range of services and solutions to meet the demands of various industries. With expertise in OpenXR, Vulkan, and OpenGL, the company provides development services that drive innovation in AR and 3D display technologies. Holochip stands out as a key player in the field, evident from its active involvement with the Khronos Group, where it contributes to the development and enhancement of open standards.

The company's portfolio extends to the realm of AR/VR solutions, catering to applications in training, maintenance, and entertainment. Holochip's offerings encompass application development as well as custom headset design, providing turnkey solutions to its clients. Moreover, their proficiency in variable collimation display design addresses the complex needs of optical and optomechanical systems, including medical imaging devices and thermal sensors.

Holochip is driven by a team of seasoned graphics and rendering experts who have pioneered advanced rendering software, which powers their augmented reality and holographic displays. Their commitment to delivering end-to-end software development solutions underscores their dedication to technological advancement.

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