ARD-Optics: Your Trusted Partner for Precision Optical Components and Solutions in Armenia and Germany.
24/16 Azatutyan Ave 0014
Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374 99 40 68 31


ARD-Optics is a joint Armenian-German company established in 2007. With its founders hailing from Armenia and Germany, the company specializes in precision optical production. They have a dedicated workshop equipped with national and international brands, enabling them to manufacture both mass-produced and unique optical components, ranging from blanks to complex configurations.

Ard-Optics excels in producing precision optical components using a variety of materials, including leucosapphire (Al2O3) and quartz glass. The company's production facility spans over 900 sq. m. and employs 35 skilled professionals. Their senior management team comprises experienced experts in optical production, complemented by talented young professionals.

The company possesses cutting-edge equipment for manufacturing a wide range of optical elements, such as planes, cones, tubes, and spheres, using sapphire and other optical crystals and glasses. They employ interferometers to ensure high-precision optics, particularly laser mirrors and domes. Ard-Optics also utilizes a technological line for two-sided processing of leucosapphire, optical glass, and other materials.

The company offers services such as cutting optical plates up to 133 mm in diameter, cutting slugs up to 50x200x400 mm in size, diamond drilling apertures from a few millimeters to 50 mm, and grinding and polishing domes up to 200 mm in diameter. They maintain strict quality control measures, including measuring flatness with a digital interferometer and certifying each high-precision optical element with an interferogram upon customer request. Micro-optics undergoes thorough inspection using a digital optical microscope.

ARD-Optics ensures surface quality of S/D 10/5 in accordance with MIL 13830 standards for high precision optical elements. All their products can be certified in MIL 13830 or ISO 10110 standards upon customer request.