Designed to meet the demands of biologists, biochemists and biophysicists, the OpenPlex is a flexible surface plasmon resonance imaging system.OpenPlex is your companion for the development of label-free and multiplexed bio-assays and molecule detection. It is a robust and compact system designed for simple use and high versatility. ...
  • Sample Volume (typical): 200 uL
  • Limit Of Detection: 10 pg/mm^2
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Did You know?

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) imaging systems are spectroscopic tools designed to provide user-friendly means to measure plasmon resonance effects in liquid media. SPR occurs when polarized light strikes an electrically conducting surface at the interface between two types of media. This generates plasmons, which reduces the intensity of reflected light at a specific angle, in proportion to the mass on a surface sensor. SPR imaging systems allow for real-time, label-free detection of biomolecular interactions. This technology is commonly used in areas such as pharmaceutical development and quality control.