The HORIBA PSA300 is a state of the art turnkey image analysis system for particle size and shape characterization. The seamless integration of Clemex-designed image analysis software with automated microscopy creates a powerful, but easy to use workstation for use in a wide range of applications from pharmaceutical ...
  • Measuring Range (Recommended): 0.5 - 1000 um
  • Parameters: Shape, Size
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The CAMSIZER XT is the latest member of the CAMSIZER-family of dynamic image analysis instruments. Both CAMSIZER and CAMSIZER XT are based on the same proven patented two-camera system. Where the CAMSIZER is optimized for the detection of relatively large, free fl owing particles, the CAMSIZER XT has ...
  • Measuring Range (Recommended): 10 - 3000 um
  • Parameters: Size
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The CAMSIZER P4 is a time and cost-saving alternative whenever continuous quality control of the production process is required. It is also suitable for checking incoming and outgoing goods and generally for measurements of a wide range of different sample materials. The CAMSIZER P4 reliably analyzes all size and shape parameters of ...
  • Measuring Range (Recommended): 20 - 30000 um
  • Parameters: Shape, Size, Density, Transparency, Custom
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Did You know?

The shape of a particle can affect almost every aspect of how a product is made, how the product behaves, how measurements are made and processes are performed. For example, while sphere-shaped particles flow easily, long, rectangular particles do not. Shape can also affect characteristics such as texture and solubility. Particle shape analysis instruments are used in virtually every industry, from geology, to food and pharmaceuticals. Today, there are several technologies available to provide rapid and precise particle shape analysis from 0.5 to 30,000um.