Frequently Asked Questions

The Rotator-35 boasts a compact design with dimensions of 35x35x16.5 mm.

Yes, the Rotator-35 is compatible with ultra-high vacuum levels of 2 E-11 mbar.

The Rotator-35 is constructed from non-magnetic materials, specifically pure Ti & BeCu.

Absolutely, the Rotator-35 can seamlessly operate in environments with magnetic fields up to 18 Tesla.

The Rotator-35 is designed to handle high loads up to 500 g and provides a torque of 2.5 Ncm.

Yes, the Rotator-35 features an endless 360° travel range.

The Rotator-35 incorporates a closed-loop control system with position sensing, offering a resolution up to 10 m°.

Indeed, the Rotator-35 is designed to operate in extremely low temperatures, as low as 30 mK.

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