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Redefining speed and accuracy in non-contact metrology, the Optikos SMI is a high-speed surface topography instrument that characterizes spherical, toric, and aspheric surfaces. The SMI measures surface shape deviations of precision surfaces using wavefront analysis technology. Configured to measure such items as: micro-optics, ball ...
  • Repeatability (radius Of Curvature): < 0.0001mm (1 sigma) 
  • Diameter Of Test Area: Configurable to R*2*NA 
  • Accuracy (radius Of Curvature): < 0.003mm 
  • Accuracy (ptv Surface Map): < 0.0001mm 
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Did You know?

Thanks to advances in ophthalmic technologies, 80% of vision problems worldwide are avoidable and even curable. High precision ophthalmic testing equipment allows characterization of spherical, toric and aspheric surfaces, allowing for measurement of items like micro-optics, ball lenses, and contact lens molds. Given that the typical human eye has over 2 million working parts, the ability to accurately and precisely measure and analyze its anatomy is an invaluable tool. Ophthalmic testing equipment assists in the diagnosis and remedy of conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and blindness.