Xlin Detector Series
Laser Components USA, Inc.
The linear arrays with rectangular pixels are used in spectroscopy. These linear arrays are available for OEM applications as arrays; complete cameras are also available with this sensor. Uncooled versions are available – 1 and 2-stage cooling is also part of this product portfolio. The Xlin series components have already been ...
  • # Pixels (Resolution): <=500
  • Pixel Size: 25um X 250um
  • Frame Rate: 40000 scans/sec
Data Sheet
The IG-22 extended InGaAs line sensors are designed for use in process control, IR-spectroscopy and biomedical analysis. The do show innovative features that improve the state of the art for users.
  • # Pixels (Resolution): <=250
  • Pixel Size: 30um X 250um
  • Frame Rate: -- scans/sec
Data Sheet
Orion is a digital high speed line scan sensor with configurable photodiode size. Over the SPI interface the photo-diode size can be configured to a 10μm x 10μm size or 10μm x 200μm size. Independently form the photo-diode the conversion capacitance can be configured over SPI interface. The larger ...
  • # Pixels (Resolution): <=4000, <=2000, <=1000
  • Pixel Size: 10um X 10um, 10um X 200um
  • Frame Rate: 60000 scans/sec
Data Sheet