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Gentec-EO\'s QS-I-TEST Evaluation Test Box is a handy device that supports the use of our family of QS-IL, QS-IF and QS-THZ Hybrid Pyroelectric Detectors. It includes two 9V batteries that provide low noise power to the current mode circuit in the detector and a convenient analog BNC voltage output. It also ...
  • Battery Power: +9V/-9V 
  • Selectable Rf: 10^5 - 10^10 
Data Sheet
The T-Rad is a microprocessor-based digital radiometer that includes a 12-bit ADC and unique DSP Lock-In Software. It is powered by a USB connection, which also acts as a Virtual COM port. When a THZ-B Terahertz Pyroelectric detector is plugged into the T-Rad module, the module reads the content of the head’s EEPROM, ...
  • Compatible Detector Heads: THZ-B-DZ 
  • Full Scale Range: 200nW - 200mW 
  • Analog Output: BNC Connector 
  • Computer Connection: USB Port 
  • Trigger Input (TTL): BNC COnnector 
Data Sheet