Frequently Asked Questions

The Dart Picosecond Laser is used for precision processing and microelectronic applications such as spectroscopy, material processing, semiconductors, and medical applications.

The key features of the Dart Picosecond Laser include a compact footprint for easy integration, exceptional beam roundness, high-quality cutting and drilling capabilities, and a flexible and versatile processing engine.

The Dart Picosecond Laser can work with a diverse array of materials including copper, aluminium, steel, plastics, stainless steel, silicon, PCBs, ceramics, wafers, sapphire, glass, and more.

The Dart Picosecond Laser delivers excellent beam quality with the M2 close to the diffraction limit and near-perfect beam roundness. This ensures precision and consistency in its operation for laser processing.

The Dart Picosecond Laser is designed with features to extend periods between servicing. It also has remote monitoring capabilities to troubleshoot and anticipate preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime.

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