Frequently Asked Questions

It ensures a stable and consistent light output power.

The module offers adjustable focus, allowing it to be fine-tuned based on site conditions for uniform energy distribution.

Yes, with the help of optical lenses such as the DOE and Powell Lens, it can generate random numbers, cross lines, parallel lines, etc.

It can operate in both CW (Continuous Wave) or PW (Pulse Wave) modes.

The typical emission wavelength is 450nm, with a range from 440nm to 460nm.

Yes, it's imperative to wear safety goggles when observing or working with the laser to prevent eye damage.

The EEL M15 uses a plastic lens.

The temperature of the die-pad portion should remain below 160°C, and an iron temperature less than 180°C should be used for no more than 3 seconds.

The EEL M15 is valuable for precise positioning tasks within the medical domain.

Yes, the product offers customizable patterns and wavelengths based on specific user requirements.

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