Frequently Asked Questions

A Fiber Optic ATR-Probe is a device used for process-spectroscopy in near-IR and mid-IR range to monitor reactions in-line in a broad temperature range from -100° to +250°C.

The transmission range of the Di-ATR model is 5.2-17μm (600-1900 cm-1).

The maximum pressure that the ZnSe-ATR model can resist is 10 Bar.

The Fiber Optic ATR-Probe for Harsh Environment is ideal for remote reaction monitoring in-line in temperature range -100/+250°C, PAT applications in lab, pilot plant or industry with process-interfaces for automated process control, polymerization process control, and in-situ IR-Spectroscopy for PAT in Chemical, Petrochemical, Atomic, Bio-pharmaceutical & Food Industry.

The temperature range of the ZrO₂-ATR model is -150°C / +200°C.

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