Professional manufacturer of passive optical components offering complete and integrated solutions in a wide wavelength range
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We are a leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality passive optical components. We provide complete and integrated solutions in a wide spectral range from 400nm to 2100nm.

Our products are widely used as components in industrial fiber lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, optical network and data centers, optical fiber sensing, biomedical equipment, test equipment, quantum communication systems, autonomous vehicles and more.

Our product lines include most commonly used passive optical components with a large array of fiber-optic components such as 1064nm high power isolators, MM pump combiners, and pump laser protectors used in high power fiber laser applications.

We also carry polarization maintaining fiber pump combiners, polarization maintaining circulators and isolators, and tap couplers. With a complete array of ultra-compact components such as mini isolators, mini couplers (used in optical fiber sensing), fiber optic gyroscopes, etc., we have become a high-quality supplier for all relevant industries.